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Kirkton Hall - How to Book
STEP ONE For charges, see table below. STEP TWO For further information and/or to book the hall for a private meeting, regular event or special occasion, please telephone the Bookings Secretary on 01330 844670 or email on durriskirktonhall@gmail.com STEP THREE Discuss your requirements with the Bookings Secretary, who will make a provisional booking and send you an information pack including booking form. STEP FOUR Please complete and return the booking form, as shown on the form. STEP FIVE You will receive confirmation of your booking.
CHARGES (as from Aug 2016) Main Hall: Hourly rate is £13 per hour Upstairs room only: Hourly rate is £10 per hour 2 Day wedding (day before and day of wedding, and morning after for clearing-up): £500 + refundable deposit of £100 If kitchen is to be used at functions, add £25 Evening function (covers 2.30 pm same day to 10.00 am next day): £150 +  refundable deposit of £100 (extra hours for setting-up charged at £6.50 per hour) If hall keeper has to clean hall after functions, add £50 extra
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