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Drumoak has evolved from the holy well and church of St Malik by the river ford at Dalmaik, gradually shifting its community up to Drum and then towards the centre of the parish at the present village. Drumoak has a Post Office (tel no. 01330 811 201), a shop (a short walk to the West of Drumoak at Park - tel no. 01330 811 463), a church, a church hall (Drumoak Church Hall) and a new primary school (Drumoak Primary). Dee Valley Caravans operates from the former Park station yard. Drumoak also has the bowling green and clubhouse of the Drumoak Durris Crathes Bowling Club. The settlement of Drumoak itself is home to the largest concentration of houses between Culter and Banchory. The Drumoak area is bounded by the outskirts of Peterculter to the east, Crathes to the west and the Gormack Burn to the north. The River Dee itself forms its southern boundary. Eastwards from Drumoak, near the former Drum station, there are Drumoak Kitchens, the Mains of Drum Garden Centre, the SSPCA and the Heather Centre.  To the West is Anderson’s Smithy. North of Drumoak (although best accessed via the turning off the North Deeside Road (A93) at Mains of Drum) lie the grounds and delightful walled rose garden of the 12th Century Drum Castle.
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