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Listed Buildings
The lists of buildings of special architectural or historical interest exist essentially to help safeguard the built heritage and promote its understanding. Grade A is the highest grade of listing. It comprises “Buildings of national or international importance, either architectural or historic, or fine little-altered examples of some particular period, style or building type”. The Grade A buildings in the area are:- o Crathes Castle  o Drum Castle  o Park House  o Park Bridge over the Dee There are numerous grade B buildings (“Buildings of regional or more than local importance, or major examples of some particular period, style or building type which may have been altered”), including:- o the Chapel, Lodge and Walled Garden at Drum Castle o the Symbol Stone, Walled Garden, Mausoleum and Old West Lodge of Park House o Drumoak Parish Church and Manse (incl. Terrace and Offices) o Old Parish Church, Churchyard, Old Manse and Outbuildings at Dalmaik o Park Bridge Tollhouse o Mill of Drum Millers House o Milton of Crathes Old Bridge (packhorse bridge) o Mill of Drum (Mill of Crathes on map) o Crathes Doocot o Kirkton Old Bridge over Burn of Sheeoch  o Mill of Durris o Durris House, Stables and East Lodge o Keith’s Tower  o Bridge of Blairydryne over Burn of Sheeoch o Kirkton of Durris Kirkyard - Fraser Burial Aisle o Kirkton of Durris Kirk Manse (now “Glebe House”) Historical Maps (16th Century) - see www.nls.uk/pont/specialist/pont11.html or www.nls.uk/digitallibrary/map/early/gordon.html (19th Century) - see www.old-maps.co.uk 

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